Zambezi Belt Copper & Gold Project - Zambia

  • The Chumbwe licence 27769 HQ-LEL covering 436 sq. km is located 70km southeast of the capital Lusaka
  • It covers part of the Chongwe Copper Belt, hosting several copper and gold occurrences over a strike of about 80km and a width of  3km near contact between Basement granitoid-gneisses and overlying Katanga metasediments
  • Copper mineralisation is associated with magnetite, hosted by silicified quartz-hematite veins and breccias within schists
  • Gold also occurs within a quartz vein system at the Chumbwe Gold prospect immediately west of the African Pioneer licence
  • 48 historic RC & core holes were drilled with best incercepts of 7m @ 5.20g/t Au & 2m @ 53.8g/t Au
  • Some gold occurrences are known to extend into the margins of 27769-HQ-LEL – further historic records are being sought
  • Follow-up over 27769-HQ-LEL will be guided by the data acquired, targeting both copper and gold

Geology of part of LEL 27769, showing the Chumbwe Cu-Au prospect marginal to the African Pioneer licence and location of Cu-Au showings straddling the licence boundary